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UNESCO recognized Bogota three years ago as one of the 35 cities in the world that are part of the Creative Cities Network because of its wide variety of museums, libraries, literature, cinema, dance, plastic arts, architecture, and other attractions that people want to know. Bogota is a city full of a variety of activities and places to enjoy.

In addition, thanks to its strategic location, it becomes an important point that allows the link between the northern and southern countries of the hemisphere, with excellent air connectivity. It is home to important festivals with national and international recognition, such as the Ibero-American Theater Festival and the International Book Fair, and, finally, Bogota is known worldwide as a tourist destination. 

The City is undergoing a process of constant change and progress in urban, economic, social, cultural, and infrastructure aspects that make this city an excellent opportunity for tourists and locals to explore.

Neighborhood La Candelaria, Bogota

Why visit in Bogota?

The places to enjoy in Colombian capital are countless for all ages and tastes in order to offer unique and unforgettable experiences. Among them, we can mention The historic center, located in the neighborhood La Candelaria, characterized by its narrow streets and colonial houses that represent and recall the culture and tradition of the city. In addition, by bringing together most of the historical sites, this area is combined with the modernity of commerce, universities, and residential projects. This reason has led to its position itself as one of the most preserved historical centers in Latin America.

In addition, there is the Teatro Colon, whose architecture and decoration are inspired by the Garnier Theatre in Paris. This place is used for concerts, plays, and dance shows, among others. You can also visit the Gold Museum, where the collection has been declared a National Monument and is considered the world’s most important collection of goldsmith and ceramic pieces from native cultures of the American continent.

Recommendation: Gold Museum & La Candelaria – Daily departure

Teatro Colón, Bogota
Cerro de Monserrate, Bogota

East of the central area is the Cerro de Monserrate, a symbol of Bogota and a place of religious pilgrimage. It has two luxurious restaurants, Casa San Isidro and Santa Clara, which offer a variety of national and international dishes. On the other hand, the city has the Sabana Tourist Train, which runs on weekends and holidays from downtown to Jaime Duque Park, Zipaquira, and sometimes to Nemocón.

Recommendation: Night City tour with Monserrate & Andres DC – Daily departure

Bogota has a wide variety of offers from five-star hotels to a diversity of lodgings or inns for tourists. In terms of gastronomy and nightlife, the capital has a large portfolio of restaurants, cafes, skyscrapers, and bars that include national and international dishes.

Also, on the surroundings, there is the option of visiting places of interest such as the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, considered the First Wonder of Colombia. This monument is built 180 meters underground in a large salt mine. In the depth of the majestic cathedral, there is a gigantic water mirror of 80 meters that offers a unique optical effect. In the same area is Guatavita, where it is presumed about the legends of the natives who inhabited much of this territory known as the Legend of El Dorado.

Recommendation: Salt Cathedral tour – Daily departure

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, 41 km from Bogota
Villa de Leya, 160.7 km from Bogota

Visit one of Colombia’s magical towns: Villa de Leyva, surrounded by mountains and a beautiful desert, has become a place to visit outside of Bogotá. It is part of the 17 heritage towns and brings together the essence and colonial traditions of the Spanish legacy.

Recommendation: Villa de Leyva tour – Daily departure

All these reasons make the colombian capital a destination of international competition and interest for everyone. 

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