Colombia Discover Unique Experiences

Colombia Discover Unique Experiences

Find unique experiences and wonderful tours in every corner of Colombia

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Colombia is multicultural and diverse, a land with unique landscapes, weathers, gastronomy, warm people and unique tours experiences.

If you want to visit Colombia, you will surely find wonderful experiences in every corner; from Cabo de la Vela in the north of the country to Leticia in the south.


The Capital of Colombia offers a wide range of things and tours to do, such as visit La Candelaria in the city center is a place full of history, exquisite architecture, culture and delicious restaurants. Also, you will find more than 15 museums about history, art, architecture, oceans, army, typical costumes and much more. 

Monserrate, Chorro de Quevedo y Plaza de Bolivar are must see places and, in the variety and multicultural gastronomic you will find incredible tours to enjoy delicious food and there is always something special for each kind of taste. 

Near to the city, there are also places to visit such as Catedral de Sal en Zipaquira with a design and majestic unique that always surprise everyone. La Mina de Sal is located in Nemocón that offers a fascinating experience. And if you want to be more in contact with nature we have some options: Parque Chicaque, Suesca, Tobia ,Villa de Leyva and more.

After visiting Bogotá, you can explore even more in those beautiful cities: Medellin, Cartagena, San Andres and Providence, Cali, Nuquí, Eje Cafetero and Amazon Jungle. 


Innovative city, characterized by its warm people, good climate and for being the birthplace of the artist Fernando Botero one of the most important painters and sculptors in the world and considered the most important Latin American artist around the world. La Plaza of the city is a meeting point for the citizens and takes the name of the artist in a way of commemoration and some of the most important and representative pieces of the artist are there.

La Feria de las Flores takes part in Medellin, the beautiful “silletas” are magnificent floral arrangements made by local people can be seen in the parade. Other experiences are Parque Explora, Pueblito Paisa, Laguande Guatape, La Plaza de Botero, El Parque Lleras y el Parque Arvi. 


This city located in the Colombian Caribbean coast. This destination highly praised for its walled city, preserves in its streets and old houses the history and culture of our ancestors, one of the most important ports of its time and home to several battles between European pirates and locals. 

Another important place here is the San Felipe Castle, from where you can appreciate a wonderful sunset view along the Caribbean Sea. You can also visit Islas del Rosario and El Convento de la Popa. 

San Andres and Providence

Two beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea with a unique color and transparency of the sea that surrounds them called “The sea of 7 colors”, makes them a true nature worth seeing and their people are famous for their beauty. Smiles and good attitude towards everyone. 


Astonish city near to the Pacific Ocean, famous for its salsa dancers who have been world champions several times, this incredible music has been a way to express feelings and thoughts of all people. At the end of the year La Feria de Cali is held, this fair is an event where people can enjoy the gastronomy, culture and the best salsa artists from around the world. 

Other experiences in Cali are visit Cristo Rey and Zoologico de Cali


Is a paradise where you can appreciate the arrival of whales from June to October is a unique natural event in the world. In this amazing destination you can discover sea and jungle tour experiences.

Eje Cafetero

Located in the south of the country, where you can appreciate amazing landscapes of coffee plantations where the best coffee in the world is grown. This local farms experiences are unique with different styles and a professional coffee culture. 

In all these green mountains you can find a place called Salento in Quindio, this place was declared cultural heritage and a mandatory place to taste a delicious trout. 

Amazon jungle

A huge variety of fauna and flora that will leave you breathless. You will discover the unique culture of our indigenous ancestors; those tribes have preserved their customs and all traditions for generations. Is a culture to discover, respect and learn. 

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And this is a bit of all unique experiences that Colombia offers you

We wait for you with open arms, remember that the best experience starts here with the best travel agency Bogotá Pass!

Cheer up and visit Colombia you won’t regret it!

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