Top tours & must see in Bogotá

Top tours & must see in Bogotá

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Sometimes travelers don’t have enough time in the city either by a connection to another city or an itinerary that doesn’t include Bogotá. Here we have a resume of the Top 9 places must see in Bogotá and the Top tours in Bogota.

1. Get to know unique gold pieces in the Gold Museum

This museum preserves archaeological collections that are a heritage for all Colombians. It is located on the Santander Park, on the corner between Carrera 6ª and Calle 16, in Bogotá, Colombia. This museums preserves the largest collection of pre-Hispanic goldsmithery in the world.

If you want to visit this museum you must book and check the schedule, a cause the pandemic some preventive measures have been taken for all museums in Colombia.

Our Top Tours:

Candelaria Tour –

2. Visit the top of Cerro de Monserrate

Teleférico to Monserrate – Bogotá, Colombia

To get to the top of the mountain you have 3 options:

Walking – Depending on your physical condition it will take 50 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes, is different for everyone so take your time, don’t rush and enjoy the nature around you.

Funicular – The construction of this cars start in 1926 and in 1964 was extensively modernized with better engines and new cars that had a capacity of 25 seated passengers and 57 standing passengers, for a total capacity of 82 passengers. In 2003 was totally redesigned, modern cars and glass roof to see the spectacular view of the mountains and of Bogotá.

Teleférico – The construction start in 1953 and was open to the public in 1955. This cable car takes four minutes to travel the 820 meters between the station to 3,152 meters in the station on top of the hill.

Our Top Tours:

Candelaria Tour –

3. Visit the first wonder of Colombia: Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira and Nemocon Mine

The construction of the current chapel began in 1991 and was inaugurated in 1995. The Salt Cathedral is is unique in the world as a religious and cultural sanctuary, and the first wonder of Colombia. Inside it has a large artistic collection: sculptures of salt and marble with a deep religious sense.

The design comprises three main sections: The viacrucis, The dome and Naves of the cathedral.

Our Top Tours:

Zipaquira –

4. Walk the cobbled streets and discover La Candelaria

La Candelaria covers all the historic center and from this place Bogotá was founded on August 6, 1538. La Candelaria covers La Plaza de Bolívar, the Cathedral of Colombia, Chorro de Quevedo, many museums and a lot of restaurants with delicious gastronomy. It has become in one of the most important commercial, tourist and educational center.

In La Candelaria, you can enjoy the most delicious special coffee from coffee farms with high standards of quality in Eje Cafetero of Colombia. This coffee experience of taste different types is a must do in Bogotá.

Our Top Tours:

La Candelaria –

5. Jardin Botanico de Bogotá

In 1783 José Celestino Mutis began the Royal Botanical Expedition of the New Kingdom of Granada the most important scientific voyages of the eighteenth century for 33 years. More than a century and a half later the priest Enrique Pérez Arbeláez, considered the father of ecology in Colombia continued with the legacy of Mutis. In 1955 the history of botany in Colombia was reconstructed with the foundation of Jardin Botánico Jose Celestino Mutis.

Besides being a tourist place, is the research centre for ecosystems in urban and rural areas to learn about their interactions, development and impacts and aims to research and develop strategies to improve urban and regional plant cover.

The Jardin Botánico have an approximate area of 195,000 m², has about 46 645 individuals, 304 families, 469 genera, corresponding to 903 species; of these species, about 78% are native and 14% are endemic.

6. Road trip near Bogotá to Guatavita Lagoon

75 km northeast of Bogotá in the town Sesquile, this lagoon is at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level and with a temperature of 5 to 11 ºC. Guatavita is perfectly circular with about 700 m of diameter surrounded by native forests.

This lagoon was one of the most sacred of the Muiscas, since there was the ritual of investiture of the new Zipa (Cacique) and this is one of the origins of the legend of El Dorado, the famous Muisca Raft that is exhibited in the Gold Museum in Bogotá

* For more information about museums in covid-19 pandemic, you can visit:

Our Top Tours:

Guatavita Lagoon –

Guatavita Lagoon and Salt Cathedral –

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7. Visit traditional markets

Traditional Markets – Bogotá, Colombia

The market squares are of great importance for Bogota, are the origin and center of a great cultural meeting gastronomic, social, commercial, political and religious. These places gather a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, flowers, etc sold by locals of nearby municipalities and people of the city; there you can taste our more traditional gastronomy and all exotic fruits of Colombia at an very accessible price.

These are some of the traditional markets you can visit:

  • Plaza de mercado La Concordia – Calle 14 #1-40 – Candelaria
  • Plaza de mercado La Perseverancia – Carrera 5A #30-30 – Santa Fe
  • Plaza de mercado 7 de Agosto – Calle 66 #23-30 – Barrios Unidos
  • Plaza de mercado 12 de Octubre – Calle 72 #39-62 – Barrios Unidos
  • Plaza de mercado Paloquemao – Av. Calle 19 No. 25-04 – Los Mártires

Our Top Tours:

Gastronomic Tour:

8. Play our traditional game with locals

Bogota experience tour bogotapass img 07
Tejo – Bogotá, Colombia

Our traditional game called Tejo or Turmequé is the only native Colombian sport, played by almost 90% of the Colombian population. It began to be practiced for more than 500 years by the Muiscas, in the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá. For the Muiscas the Tejo was part of their ceremonial feasts.

At the time of the conquest it was a center of great importance, since there indigenous people gathered to market products, barter, and perform sports competitions.

The Tejo face players individually or also by teams. There are several adaptations of the game: the most traditional is to introduce the yew or “Tejo” into a metallic circle known as “tejín” or “bosín” and on the edges of the circle are placed four wicks. Whoever manages to blow up the most wicks or “mechas” wins the game.

Our Top Tours:

Bogotá Experience –

9. Visit the canvases on concrete in the Graffiti Tour

This urban experience can show you the contrast of the city and Colombia, many artists have put their ideas into murals around the city and you can visit it by bike, walking or by car/van. You will find murals exalting the nature, fauna, flora and beauty of the Colombians, also on political and controversial issues such as armed conflicts that the country has been through for many years also murals about the peace agreement and abstract murals full of color and creativity.

. . .

You can find these and more unique experiences in or

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